Oh, Brisbane!

News flash: Queensland is bad for your health. Seriously. I just spent a weekend in lovely sunny Brisbane and I'm pretty sure I've jumped a dress size.

Egg wrap with rocket and onion jam - Press Café

Eggs Florentine & Potato Hash - The Gunshop Café, West End

I haven't visited Queensland since I was fifteen years old, and Brisbane has certainly undergone a transformation since I was last there! The city is darling, the weather is amazing, and the food... oh gosh I ate so much of it. Surrealist art, pop-up cafes, fancy wine and lovely river walks. Brisbane is basically Melbourne, but without the sleet and howling wind.

Brisbane loves Mexican

I highly recommend you pay a visit if your wallet and your waistline permit it. The GOMA is fantastic; their standing exhibition of video art is excellent, as is the Surrealism exhibition currently on loan from the Centre Pompidou. Wander through halls filled with modern masterpieces, then sit outside in the sun and sip champagne. Stroll The Valley on a Saturday afternoon, then look out over the river as the sun goes down, beer in hand. Go outside in winter without a jacket!

'Coral' by Dora Maar - One of my favourite pieces at the GOMA

What a lovely little tart!

Brisbane, you charmed me. I can't wait to come back.

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