Roule Galette

Roule Galette is a teeny-tiny creperie hidden down a teeny-tiny alleyway in Melbourne's inner city. I realised recently that I visit this place so often, I know the menu by heart. I can confidently say that it has become one of my Favourite Places To Be.

Just in case you're not sure you should visit, here are ten excellent reasons to go:

- The Chevre, amazing chevre (a goats cheese) and spinach galette
- Strong, hot coffee of the utmost deliciousness
- Lemon-sugar crepes, simple and comforting
- Orange Pekoe tea, chamomile tea, lots and lots of tea
- Pear Cider. A drink I usually hate, but it is strangely delicious at Roule
- Dollops of butter - these come melting atop more or less everything on the menu
- Retro coloured light bulbs which lend a romantic feel to the whole alleyway
- Accommodating owners who open early on a sunday morning to welcome hungry customers
- Lovely french waiters who humor me politely whilst I photograph them at work

And finally, this lovely little story. "Roule Galette" means Roll Galette. The illustrations are sweet, and if you visit the place yourself, you can pick a copy up and practice your french.

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