South East Asia: A Taster

Hello dear, neglected readers. Sincere apologies for the absence of late - I hope you will forgive us. By way of explanation, Tara and I have been busy jet-setting, adventuring and of course eating our way across Vietnam and Cambodia. Admittedly I have been back in the country for over three weeks now, but I've been busy moving house and am yet to establish a home internet connection. I have a stack of fantastic food-related blog posts planned, all inspired by fabulous Vietnam and moderately less fabulous Cambodia (which tried to kill me, but I loved it anyway...) but as I'm writing this post from an over air conditioned magazine store in Melbourne City, I've decided to keep things brief. Please enjoy this photographic taster (pardon the pun) - with more South East Asian delights to follow soon.

Oh, my. I want to go back already. Xx

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