Soup Week 2009

Hello readers, and welcome to the first ever A Whistle and A Milkshake Soup Week! Tara and I are looking forward to bringing you a week of warm liquid goodness, with lots of delicious soup recipes to see you through the next few chilly months.

My lovely fellow blog-mistress and I decided to have a crack at Soup Week 09 on the back of a long e-mail conversation that revolved around soup, in many tasty incarnations. I've had soup on the brain these last few weeks, and in my tummy too. It is perhaps the ultimate comfort food, it banishes that freezing wintry feeling and warms the kitchen while it boils on the stove. I can't think of a more comforting meal than a big bowl of something warm with a buttery bread roll on the side. Mmmmm... soup. We hope you enjoy! 

PS. We will never, ever serve up 'Cream of Beefaroni'. We will always love Natalie Dee.

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  1. Its now the 10th and soup week was meant to begin on the 8th. And have not eaten because I am waiting for some soup action, what is this? Crême de betrayal? I think so.