Realistic New Year's Resolutions

Happy new year, guys! I hope you're recovering from your hangovers better than I am. In the spirit of said hangover, I've decided to start the new year by setting the bar achievably low. The best part of new year's resolutions is achieving them, right? But how often does that happen?

Not often. If you're, you know, me. That whole going to the gym thing? Hmmm. Maintaining multiple blogs? Ooops. Not falling down the stairs of the Sydney Opera House and flashing the special guests of a graphic novel conference? Dang.

So this year I've decided to set some more realistic resolutions.

1. Go to Japan in April.
Flights are already booked, bitches. Soon it'll be me being carried around by robots!

2. Eat a delicious breakfast of mushrooms cooked in butter and rosemary, with pesto and avocado on sourdough toast.
WTF, I did that this morning! I'm pretty good at this.

3. Stop watching that Oprah special about Justin Beiber.
That was pretty easy.

4. Paint galaxies on my nails like this awesome chick.
I might be overreaching here...

5. Evolve my bulbasaur.
I promise not to press b.

6. Write a blog post about New Year's Resolutions
Guys, I am killing this.

I am feeling pretty good about 2011. Anyone else setting some delightfully achievable goals?

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