AWAM Reviews... Simply Better Foods Omega 3 Soy Cheese

Before I share with you the abject horror that was my first ever taste of a non-dairy cheese product, let me just say that I really, really wanted to like Simply Better Foods Omega 3 Soy Cheese. I would love to make the switch to a vegan diet, really I would, not least of all because I've always been a little lactose intolerant... but I have frequently sacrificed my digestive comfort for a three cheese gnocchi. Cheese and I, we go way back, and I'm yet to convince myself that my life would be OK without cheese in it.

Perhaps the first clue that Simply Better Foods Omega 3 Soy Cheese was not going to fulfil my fantasies of vegan cheese bliss was in the black shroud style packaging that precluded me from examining the product before I had actually purchased it. Word to the wise: if your cheese manufacturer is trying to stop you from actually seeing your cheese, maybe rethink your selection.

Once out of the packaging my soy cheese really didn't look too bad. It was yellow, just as a tasty cheese should be, but oddly perfect. More like a pale yellow door stop than a foodstuff. But shit got weird pretty damn quickly when the autofocus on my SLR refused to focus on the cheese. This stuff is so consistent a shade of yellow that my camera mistook it for a white balance card and just hands down refused to focus on it. I was forced to photograph my chopping board rather than the product itself, so please excuse the slightly blurry photography.

At this point, I was understandably feeling some trepidation about placing this cheese imitation in my mouth. The confusion that was trying to photograph it had left me feeling as though I was about to eat a piece of soy-based antimatter, but upon reflection I think eating black hole may have been a better experience than what actually ensued. Simply Better Foods Omega 3 Soy Cheese tasted at first like a kraft single, then an overwhelming vegetable oil flavour broke through. This was followed by a lingering bitter aftertaste, and a sense of crushing, crushing disappointment.

Soy milk doesn't exactly taste like cow's milk, but you know what? One thing it doesn't do is make me want to spit it into the sink. The only way I was actually able to consume my cheese was to roll it in a generous amount of moroccan seasoning, and even then the revolting, mouth-full-of-oil flavour still managed to prevail. I am sincerely hoping that my first foray into soy cheese was a sad accident, that I chose the worst of the worst of the fake cheeses, and that perhaps some day I will be able to eat tiger toast without worrying about the happiness of the cows from whence it came, but seriously - I have nothing positive to say about this product. Truly revolting.

No Stars. Count em'. None.


  1. Hahaha, I have recently cut out dairy from my diet Ellen, and that's been my biggest issue - cheese. I have yet to foray into the world of fake cheese because I'm pretty sure it will end just like you described. If you ever find a good recipe for non cheese cheese sauce you will be my hero! Love your blog, it's very cute. Hope you're well :-)
    Lara (Cleaver)

    1. No cheese cheese sauce... grate and onion into a saucepan with coyote table spoons of soy margarine.
      The cheese I use is called bio cheese! Not the nicest name but kicks butt over this brand. It melts well in a toasty but not on a pizza.
      Anyhow great a little into the melting marg.
      Add 2 tablespoons of floor mix over low heat and slowly add some soy milk about a cup is good for me.
      Once combined heart to boil and thicken... add any herbs or seasoning to you prefrench and walla!
      Cheese sauce!

  2. if you miss cheese try nutritional yeast flakes also known as savory yeast flakes it makes such great cheesy sauce
    good luck on finding a soy cheese you like i enjoy cheesley well some flavours anyway

  3. I find that the longer it has been since you've had real cheese, the more likely you are to like fake cheese.

    I've stopped eating the fake cheeses because I think they are possibly worse for me than cow's milk; but I do remember that the omega-3 brand was the least tasty and most expensive. Also, most of their range actually contains cow milk.

    Sometimes if I'm craving cheese I find avocado on toast with salt & pepper is a good fix: it's creamy and salty and if it's been warmed up you can kinda pretend its melty cheese and not actually a fruit.

    1. I bought this cheese because it was cheaper but it made me dry reach upon putting it in my mouth... I recommend bio cheese! If you can look past the name lol

  4. I bought an Omega 3 soy cheese a few days ago and it tasted bitter. it is usually quite tasty but this time I don't know why it was not edible