I'm Still Blushing...

Several excellent things happened tonight: The first episode of Masterchef Season Two aired on channel ten. I was treated to the sight of ten failed pavlovas (delicious and disastrous!) being torn apart on national television. A sixty seven year old Austrian lady confused pork and lamb in her first attempt at a Masterchef challenge (if SHE can win a spot in the top fifty, so can I!) Also, this:


That's right kids, Matt Preston tweeted me. I know, I know... it's a little weird that I know his cravats by name... and I know he's not exactly Alexander Skarsgard, but he's smart, smartly dressed, and oddly alluring, amiright? I love him and his weird fetish for an archaic men's fashion item. He tweeted me, people. I will die a happy Fangirl.


  1. How the hell have I not seen that photo of ASkars before? It's incredible!

  2. Ohmygosh Ned, he's clearly the most attractive man alive, which means that is the best ever photo of the most attractive man alive, and you're just seeing it now!? Shame!

  3. And the celebrity cults continue their onward march towards cultural damnation... :)

    Seriously, that's pretty awesome.