So You Think You Can ... Drink

We all have our dirty pop secrets. I had a frightening moment recently when I realised I was enjoying Britney...non ironically.

This year I've decided to embrace my inner pop bitch, and boy does she like So You Think You Can Dance. Tonight is both the final show and debut of the SYTYCD Drinking Game. In celebration, I thought I'd post the rules here. Admittedly, they are still under development. But the golden rule seems to be - when it doubt, drink all the time.

Because I am a weak, weak woman, I plan on participating with Pimms and lemonade, a ladies drink of choice. Feel free to substitute any liquor you like.

The Rules

Opening Gambit:

If Bassingthwaite is wearing a one-shouldered monstrosity: drink

For every button Jason unnecessarily wears open to reveal his chest: drink

Bonnie is wearing hot pink: drink

Matt is wearing a hat: drink

Matt isn't wearing a hat: drink heavily


Someone says the word 'journey': drink

A judge says the word 'genre': drink

Someone uses the word 'chorie': drink

*You* use the word 'chorie': drink

You can't help but sympathetically chair dance: distract yourself and hopefully others around you by drinking.

Jason is a patronising bastard: drink

Bonnie opens her mouth; you'll probably just want to drink to drown out the inanity.

There is an accidental grope during a routine: drink

There is a not so accidental grope, at any given time: drink

Bassingthwaite can't keep her hands of the shiny, oiled up male dancers: drink

There is awkward product placement: drink

Super Bonus Round (shots x 2)

If someone cries....drink!

A judge hits on a contestant...drink!

Bassingthwaites stacks it in her ridiculous shoes...drink!

So you think you can dance? Maybe stop drinking.


  1. Tara! I am so very shocked! Britney? Alcohol? Oh my!!! :P